An Extra Long Shower Curtain For Modern Design

An extra long shower curtain is ideal for a bathroom that has a raised tub, a tall ceiling or a high curtain rod. While a regular curtain may be long enough for a standard tub or shower, many of today’s hottest modern designs require a longer curtain to prevent drips and water damage to the floor. Most of these new tubs are designed to have a more spacious-feeling interior, without taking up too much of the bathroom. Instead of putting the tub or shower in an alcove with a low roof, they take advantage of the full height of the room, leaving more space between the bottom of the tub and the top of the curtain.

Where to Buy an Extra Long Shower Curtain

Although they were difficult to find only a few years ago, advances in tub and shower design have made the extra long shower curtain much more common. If you are in the market for one of these curtains, however, you may still find that they are not readily available in every store. If you have something specific in mind, your best option may still be to have one custom sewn. A basic design can be done by any seamstress and more complex versions can often be custom ordered from home furnishing stores that manufacture their own products.

Custom made extra long shower curtain

If you do not want to pay extra to custom order your shower curtain, you may still be in luck. Although few stores keep these curtains in stock, most have access to industry catalogs and can order one in for you. Your best bet, however, is probably the internet. Online furnishing stores abound and many of them carry specialty items not carried by standard department stores.

Choosing the Right Extra Long Shower Curtain

There are a number of factors that go into finding the perfect extra long shower curtain. Because you are shopping for a specialty size, it is very important that you have accurate measurements when you begin. After all, not all extra long curtains are the same length. Use a tape measure to measure the space between your curtain rod and the floor. You should also measure the total length of the curtain rod, as some larger tubs require an extra wide curtain as well. When you buy your curtain, you should make sure that it comes with a matching, extra long curtain liner. If your liner is too short, you could end up with water on the floor.

Choosing any type of home decor is a personal decision that depends largely on your own sense of style. Because bathrooms tend to be smaller than most rooms, however, it is usually a good idea to keep things simple. Pick two or three colors to highlight and make sure that your curtain pattern does not clash with your bath mat, the walls or any hanging artwork you may have. Instead of matching your long shower curtain colors exactly, you can choose colors and patterns that complement each other to create a more complex look.

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