Beef Tip Chili

Now if your household is anything like mine was when I created this recipe you are on a serious budget and on top of it you have two growing men who can eat for four on a good day. Plus they work a full time job and love to eat leftovers. At the time I had a full house my younger brother, little sister, myself and my fiancé, and on occasion my sister’s boyfriend so it was like cooking for twelve people. This dish really did come in handy I always had enough leftovers for lunches. At my house it is all about simplicity and what we can afford. When I came up with Beef Tip Chili I was just throwing what we had left between the freezer and cabinets together. It turned out that everyone loved it, and they even prefer it to regular chili.

This dish is easy for anyone who has a busy schedule and just needs a quick fix for dinner. I fix my chili on the stove, although a crock pot would be just as good if you do not have anyone who stays home to monitor your chili. I leave my chili on for most of the day to get the spices really strong. Lets face it chili’s can be costly when you have three or four different types you really want for that perfect flavor. Now I use dry herbs but that does not mean you can not use fresh herbs in your chili.

Now when it comes to this recipe I am leaving it very simple just because of family size this recipe is geared to feed about 10 -12 people. Also feel free to use fresh tomatoes in your chili like I said my meals are based on cost effective and it would take a lot more tomatoes fresh then caned for this serving size.


1- 2 packs Beef Tips
2 cans of Tomato sauce   
1 can of Tomato dices                                      
1 can Peeled whole tomatoes             
2 cans of Kidney beans                      
1 large Onion                                     
chili packet
Mrs. Dash
Garlic Salt
Cajun Seasoning
Chili Powder
Mrs. Dash
Crushed red Pepper
Italian Seasoning

Now the first thing you want to do is go ahead and prep your beef tips. I get as much of the fat off the meat as possible also I cut them into smaller pieces this helps the meat go further and gives the chili an even look instead of huge chunks of meat just laying in sauce. Next open your tomatoes and poor them over into your pot. For the kidney beans this is really up to you weather or not you want to rinse them off or not. Grab your strainer and set it down in the sink, open your beans and rinse thoroughly. Then place your beans in the pot as well.

Take your pot of tomatoes and beans and place them on medium heat. Add in your oregano, Italian seasoning, Mrs. Dash, and Garlic Salt. Now there is no limit to how much you add I do not measure it but about a teaspoon. When the tomatoes and beans start to boil add in the chili powder, Cajun seasoning, chili packet, and crushed red pepper. Stir together and turn eye down to simmer or low. These seasoning I generally add until I have the taste I want. That varies so feel free to add as little or as much as you want.

My family loves chunks of onion so I just cut my onion in halves, but you can dice if you want to. Now do not place the onion in the pot just yet. Take your beef tips and onions and put them into a skillet on about medium with just a little bit of olive oil in the pan. Cook until the meat is fully cooked and let sit for just a few minutes. Then add to the simmering pot. Dinner is served when ever you feel like eating so if you are like me and make this dish around 1pm and let it sit until everyone comes home dinner is generally around 7pm your chili will be spicy and ready to eat.

© 2019 Paul Timman