Recipes Hamburgers

Here goes:

1 lb, ground turkey/chicken
1-2 lbs, ground beef (70/30)
1 cup dried, minced, onions
1/2 teaspoon, Paprika
1 teaspoon, garlic salt, salt, pepper
3 eggs for 2 lbs of meat, or 4 eggs, for three lbs

Sliced Red Onions
Pepper Jack Cheese
Sliced Tomatoes

Mix the all ingredients, either with your hands or a Kitchen Aid, until they form a consistent mass. Once mixed form into five inch diameter patties and cook as desired. If you are using a grill feel free to add your favorite BBQ sauce. Just before the patties are cooked add the sliced Pepper Jack Cheese and Sliced Red Onions. (If desired you can also toast your buns by lightly buttering them and placing them on a warm skillet.) Once the cheese has melted place on bun with condiments to your liking, add the sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Another great addition can be thick sliced bacon.

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