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Pepper Steak is one ideal way to make a use of the previous night’s leftover of ‘London Broil grilled beef dinner. The beef, already cooked, can be made really tender as you use it as the main ingredient of your Pepper Steak. Or if you don’t have leftover grilled beef, you may opt to start by pre-cooked beef before proceeding to complete the steps in this recipe. It is a stylized meal that is delicious and tasty (plus a straightforward way to make by using an  oriental style of cooking) which is best prepared and presented before one or two guests with whom you may be conversing with as you cook. 


2 lbs of beef (cooked or pre-cooked)

5 green peppers, cored, sliced lengthwise with all seeds removed

4 large onions, sliced lengthwise

3 cups of beef broth1 cup of flour

½ bar of butter

½ cup of olive oil

Soy sauce to taste


1) If you do not have leftover London Broil (or grilled beef), you may have to boil (preferably in enough quantity of water with some salt added into it) fresh beef for at least 1 hour. This helps in making the beef tender and quicker to cook. You may also use part of the broth for cooking the Pepper Steak later on, and the rest of the broth can be drained from the pot. When the beef gets cooler, slice it into strips the size of your fingers and set aside in the meantime.

2) Pour the olive oil into your wok and turn on the stove at high fire.

3) Toss the onions into the wok. Saute the onions for at least 5 minutes. Give them a constant stir. This will just partly cook the onions on the surface. Make sure you don’t overcook them. Turn off the fire and set onions aside in a separate bowl.

4) Turn fire on medium. Toss into the wok all the beef strips with the same olive oil used for the onions earlier. Stir it as you add next the flour until everything is blended well as you continue the stirring. 

5) After at least 5 to 10 minutes of stirring, add into it the beef broth. Add in next the butter and give it another stir. Adjust the fire to between low and medium setting and let the mixture simmer. Cover the wok for at least 5 minutes.

6) Add into the mixture all the sliced pieces of pepper. Let it simmer for at least 10 minutes or until the pepper gets cooked. Give it another stir.

7) Add into it the cooked onions and give it another stir.

8) Use soy sauce to season according to taste. Or you may just opt not to do this anymore as the meal is savory at this stage.

Steamed rice is best to have as a side dish with this meal. This is good for 4 persons. Enjoy!

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